Scotland Food and Drink


North Uist Distillery Downpour Gins, Pink Grapefruit, Scottish Dry, Sloe and Bramble, sitting on a white sand beach with a blue sky above them.

Earlier this year we became a member of Scotland Food and Drink, the industry leadership organisation tasked with driving responsible growth for the sector and building Scotland's global reputation as a Land of Food and Drink. A mission we can fully get behind from here in Uist, a land of the most delicious food and drink imaginable. 

In February Ali jetted off to Edinburgh to take part in a training course with other exciting Scottish businesses, taking in some valuable learning while enjoying a slightly different view from his day to day in the office in Uist! 

on the left, a boardroom with people sitting around a table, a big window in the background looks out over a city view. On the right, the city view looking over Edinburgh with Edinburgh Castle rising up in the near distance in front of a grey, cloudy sky

In July we will be part of the Scotland Food and Drink stall at Imbibe Live in London, the leading drinks show in the UK, which is an amazing opportunity to meet other people in the industry and show off our award winning Downpour gins. 

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