Masterfully Done - More Wins for Downpour

There's silver, there's gold, and then there's ✨ Master ✨
A turquoise bottle of Downpour gin sits on a pale sand shore, with water lapping shallowly around it. The sky is blue and there are seaweed covered rocks in the background. There is a white medal with turquoise writing reading 'spring tasting 2023 MASTER' on top of the image
Downpour Coast and Croft was one of only two gins to be awarded a Master medal at this month's The Drinks Business and The Spirits Business Spring Blind Tasting. Judged alongside some of the best drinks in the industry, we were thrilled for such a new addition to our range to be judged so highly. 
The other gin to reach the giddy heights of Master level was... 
a deep blue bottle of Downpour Gin sits on silvery sand with rivulets of water running over it. A white and black medal with turquoise writing, reading 'Spring Tasting 2023 MASTER' sits on top of the image
Downpour Scottish Dry! Adding another fabulous medal to its collection.
'North Uist Distillery delighted the judges with a double dose of Master medals in the following Gin flight. Downpour Coast & Croft Gin secured the top accolade for its “fresh, vibrant nose with lots of citrus and juniper”

Downpour Scottish Dry Gin also gained a Master medal after the judges liked its “complex citrus bouquet” on the nose and “complex, citrus-forward and juniper-forward” palate. The Gin heat also produced five Gold medals and one Silver.'
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