Nunton Steadings. A New Island Home.

We have made a pretty special purchase - investing in a brand new distillery building that we will soon call home. 

When we first embarked on our distillery journey we had our sights set on creating a brand new distillery building - all shiny and new. But then something happened to de-rail our plans. We were swept off our feet by a stunning island beauty, who won our hearts and we are very much in love.

And so it goes, that the historic Nunton Steadings building right next door on beautiful Benbecula will become our new home. 

Built way back in the early 1700s, this amazing U-Shaped building is bursting with island charm. A former steadings, our new home features beautiful original cobbled floors which will be the perfect place for our whisky casks during maturation. 

With a rich history - including tales of Bonnie Prince Charlie, we couldn’t be more proud to take over such an important building as we plan for the future of our much loved distillery. The place will become home to Downpour gin alongside our planned whisky distillery as well as being a welcoming hub for you all to visit for a gin or a dram when we get our visitor centre up and running.

We're looking forward to transforming Nunton Steadings into our new home. And we hope to welcome all of you as visitors in the near future. 


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