Hello Outer Hebretini.

Downpour Gin Cocktail Recipe Book

We present you with a tasty gin themed gift. We’re excited to give you Downpour Creations, a cheeky collection of island themed cocktails allowing you to mix up at home with our delicious Downpour Gin.

We teamed up with Dave & Jamie from Glasgow’s finest speakeasy, Wheesht Bar, to deliver a cocktail collection so fine that you’ll be convinced going to the pub is just so 2019, and getting drenched in island flavour at home is where it’s at these days.

And for all of you who shake it up at home, we’d love it if you could send on some pictures of your cocktail creations on social or email. We hope you love making them as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. 

To download your copy of our cocktail recipe book all you need to do is sign up to our Island Dispatch newsletter here.

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