Hoga Copper Still.

Jonny at North Uist Distillery

Firstly, Jonny has clearly failed to get himself a post lockdown haircut just yet. However he's been very busy excitedly taking delivery of a brand new gin still.

And the best bit, is that this beautiful still was given to us as a gift by my mum who was lucky to be one of the recent postcode lottery winners on the island. So a big thank you mum - never again will you ever pay for a gin (and we'll make sure you get some tasty tonic too!).

Our new Hoga copper still was hand made in Portugal, and is an exact replica of our much loved first still ensuring that the flavour of Downpour Gin remains the same - with this second edition allowing us to produce even more to keep up with all of the orders that we have been receiving.

It comes complete with a paella gas burner for heating it and we are very excited about putting our new arrival into action over the next few weeks. Now, if we could only locate a pair of hair clippers... perhaps a wee visit to the croft where the sheep are being sheared may be in order, after the still is fully set up of course.


Jonny has now had his post-lockdown haircut.

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