Hello Negroni. Downpour Editions.

First mixed for Count Camillo Negroni in Florence, Negroni is a clever adaptation of the Americano cocktail - in this instance made extra delicious with the addition of Downpour Gin. 

The combination of dry (gin), sweet (vermouth) and bitter (amaro) elements is what makes the Negroni a rather tasty treat with big bold flavours that are right up our street. And to make it extra special, our Downpour Scottish Dry Gin is aged in oak casks to add some extra depth and complexity.

This special edition with complex flavours is reassuringly simple to serve, coming to you pre-mixed so all that is needed to put a Negroni in your hands is to pour over ice, stir and finish off with a sweet addition of orange peel garnish - then you’re good to go. 

This special spirit will be ready to rock at the start of December.

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