Still Shining. Distillery Update.

Downpour Gin still

You might remember a while ago that we were installing a beautiful new still within the distillery. We're delighted that it's now fully operational, which is just as well as we ramp up production to fuel your festive season. 

It's fair to say we're in love with our new blingtastic addition, with a beautiful shiny surface that makes us smile every time we see it. The only downside is we feel a little sorry for our much loved first still that looks a bit dull in comparison. But as we all know, you should never judge a book by its cover - it's what's inside that counts and we can confirm that the Downpour gin is real good.

Oh, and in case you wondered we have indeed given names to our stills. Our trusty old still is called ‘Deàrrsach’ which means bright and shiny and also a downpour of heavy rain. And our new friend is known as ‘Dìle’ which translates as deluge or flood, which is a pretty accurate description of some of the recent weather we've had. 

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