Take It Sloe. Big Up The Bramble.

Downpour Sloe & Bramble Gin

It’s fair to say the world has got used to a slower pace this year, and we are no exception. But as the festive season approaches we think it’s time to shift into a different gear - it’s time to go Sloe… Sloe & Bramble that is.

We’ve been busy making and bottling more batches of delicious Sloe & Bramble gin - fresh for you all to enjoy over the festive season. So that no matter how many people you might be allowed to see - you are guaranteed to at least have the warmth of one trusty gin based friend who will always be there and never let you down.

A massive thanks to all the local legends who collected delicious brambles in return for some tasty mini gin bottles. The barter system in full flow! So don’t wait 'till the last minute - get the gin in and add some colour to the dark nights.

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