Island Escape. Hello St Kilda.


It’s been quite a while since we ventured anywhere near or far, both because of recent world events and also due to the very welcome fact that the distillery has kept us pretty busy. So it was with some great excitement that myself and Jonny decided to take a little trip recently. Rather than make our way to the mainland as we might usually do, we decided to seek a little solitude across the water on St Kilda.

Kate & Jonny

An incredible remote retreat, the unpopulated St Kilda is home to the biggest sea bird colony in the UK. Located a short sail away from North Uist, the location 40 miles out into the Atlantic can make it a tricky place to get to, but we decided to take advantage of the recent calm weather and waters to get ourselves across.

St Kilda

And what an adventure it was, as we were treated to what felt like our very own deserted island getaway. We took the opportunity to have a wander through the ruins, say hello to the local wildlife, enjoy a tasty picnic with a little Downpour Gin (naturally) and soak up the silence and tranquility of this beautiful landscape.

Downpour Gin
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