Planting Seeds. Tree Time.


Living amongst our beautiful surroundings, we are always careful to give back to the island as much as we take. So we were delighted with our recent delivery of 140 trees to plant on our croft. Perhaps surprisingly, there are almost no trees on Uist but there is one patch of ancient woodland on South Uist where Robin (pictured below) takes seeds from these ancient lands to bring new life to the island from his new tree nursery. 


Our delightful new trees are being planted with the harvesting of future botanicals in mind - and we are now the proud owners of a mix of ancient native broadleaf trees (downy birch, rowan, alder) along with crab apple, hawthorn, blackthorn, bird cherry & elder. Now we just need to hope that the island weather is kind to our brand new friends giving them the right mix of sun and rain to do their thing. 

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