Nunton Whisky Cask Commotion

North Uist Distillery whisky cask offer release.
Yesterday was a very exciting day for us at North Uist Distillery as our first ever Nunton Whisky cask offer went live. Our heritage bere barley might have only just been sown in the Uist machair, and we may be a long way off pouring that first delicious dram and ringing the Nunton bell, but that hasn't stopped an absolute downpour of support from Hebridean whisky fans around the world. 

For months now requests to be added to the Nunton Whisky Cask Offer priority list have been flowing into the distillery and the list has grown faster than we could ever have anticipated. The people are thirsty for Uist's first legal whisky! 
We are a single cask distillery, meaning that our equipment will be sized so that each production run makes one cask of whisky, making every cask we produce completely unique. We decided to make a small number of these first release casks available for purchase to our biggest whisky fans, and in the end interest outnumbered availability by a factor of more than ten.
Everyone who was interested in a first release cask was added to a mailing list and given advance notice of when they would be going live, and it was an overwhelming couple of minutes yesterday at midday as the casks were listed in our online shop and sold out completely within ninety seconds. It really was a case of fastest fingers first! 
But there is no need for those who didn't make it to the checkout in time to despair. Everyone who is already subscribed to the whisky list will be updated as more exciting opportunities to be a part of North Uist Distillery's Nunton Whisky journey become available over the coming months, and if you aren't already on the list then just drop us a line and ask to be added, and you too will be kept up to date on all things Nunton Whisky. 
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