Go Negroni

A glass bottle embossed with rain pattern and filled with orangey red liquid. Text on the bottle reads 'Downpour Oak Aged Negroni'

It's finally here! Our same classic ready to drink Oak Aged Negroni, in a beautiful new bottle to match the rest of the Downpour range. 

It was back in the early days of the first lockdown, as a homemade cocktail craze swept the nation, that we were inspired to create a ready-to-drink edition of our favourite cocktail, the classic Italian aperitivo, Negroni.

a glass filled with negroni, shot from above. The glass sits on a pale wooden surface, a square ice cube floats in the liquid, and a twist of orange peel is balance on the edge of the glass.

A simple combination of gin, amaro and vermouth, we gave ours a little something extra by first ageing our Downpour Scottish Dry Gin in oak casks, lending the finished drink a depth of flavour that makes the sophisticated tipple even more delicious.
While it was once intended to be a limited edition offering, every time we have attempted to retire our Downpour Oak Aged Negroni we have been met with a deluge of despair from cocktail connoisseurs, and so it is that we've been convinced that it won't be go-going anywhere.
In 2022 our Negroni was awarded a gold star in the Great Taste Awards, and judges complimented its 'well controlled bitters', 'lovely earthiness on the nose', and 'subtle hint of vanilla followed by a leafy, smoky finish.' 
Rain pattern in two shades of red, with the words GO NEGRONI written in white text over the top
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