Flavour Cloud

A flavour cloud is the pearly white haze that you get in some gins when mixed with tonic and ice. It’s the result of tasty essential oils coming out of solution from the alcohol concentration and temperature dropping. It’s also referred to as louching, but we think flavour cloud sounds much better - especially for Downpour which is drenched in island flavour. And a rarity it is - not many gins on the market put enough botanicals into their recipe to cause a flavour cloud, unlike your generous island friends.

The industry average weight of botanicals that make a bottle of gin is around 18 grams, but that’s not enough to cause a flavour cloud. When distilling Downpour, we use over twice the amount of botanicals (39 grams of botanicals per bottle) compared to the industry average. This sends us right past a flavour cloud and into a flavour Downpour! So there you have it - we are on a mission to make the most flavoursome gin you will ever try, and we hope you love it as much as we do! 

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