Compost A-Peel

citrus peel and spices piled up in a large plastic container, a slate rests on the botanicals with the words 'botanical compost' hand written in white on it. We're big fans of homemade compost here at North Uist Distillery, knowing just how important it is for growing the best botanicals, barley, garnishes, and general tasty and healthy crops. 

We're also big fans of recycling, of a circular system, and of finding uses for things beyond their first and most obvious purpose. It was one of the big reasons that we redesigned our iconic Downpour bottles, creating something with the appeal to be treasured and reused. 

As we have gone through the process of applying for B Corp certification, we have become all the more aware of the importance of making small changes that improve sustainability, and that those small changes add up to a bigger change. 

Once our delicious botanicals have made our delicious Downpour, their journey is nowhere near done, and we make them available at our visitor centre at Nunton for anyone to come and collect to add to their compost pile. Although we have also met more than one Downpour fan who has dried the spent citrus, spices and wild Hebridean heather to make a sweet smelling potpourri, bringing a little waft of the distilling process into their homes!

Whether it's in compost or in a bowl on someone's coffee table, we're delighted to know that our botanicals have a lot more life left in them once the gin is made. 



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