Back To The Future.

Sgoil Lionacleit

Last week we took a step back in time to speak to people about the future. Sadly no DeLorean was required for this feat of time travel, we took Jonny’s car instead and he drove at much less than 88 miles per hour!

Time travel logistics aside, it was an amazing experience to be back in our old school Sgoil Lionacleit a mere 20 years on from when we were last there. It was an honour to get to share our story with pupils, talking about our journey from school to setting up our own distillery business on the island. With so many of them already starting to do some work on their family fishing boats and island crofts we can see them starting to build some excellent transferrable skills for the future. And who knows, hopefully as our distillery grows we might be able to welcome some of them to work with us one day.

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